Refinery unit efficiency close to greenar crystal worse?

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Why does the wiki say refinery is better away from greenar crystal than near it? What is happening in detail and how is this unit coded to function? I always build them in a way that their circle includes the whole greenar circle. But not always possible since I might want to build other units in the area especially when I am trying to fight creeper over it or use the space for aircraft.


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  • Where will you be when the creeper waves hit?
Reply #1 on: March 07, 2021, 10:47:54 pm
What the wiki is trying to say (perhaps unsuccessfully) is that you shouldn't build the refinery within the Greenar Mother's circle, otherwise the space occupied by the refinery will block greenar crystal spawns. So building it outside of Greenar Mother circle, but also in a way that makes the refinery's range encompass the entire Greenar Mother's circle is (usually) ideal.
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