October 6, 3487

Started by Tiuipuv, January 23, 2012, 09:24:27 AM

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In my hunt for an unbeatable chronom map, I have found a challenging map. I did manage to beat it, but wonder how you guys would do it.

My strategy was to build as many reactors as I could fit in the upper right hand corner (minus 3), 1 SAM, and have 2 spots open for blaster construction. Every time I finished a blaster I would disarm it and move it to the lower left. I built up to 10, which turned out to be more than I needed. I then also built a mortar and a drone, but one or the other would have worked.

I then took my army of weapons and moved them all to the middle high ground, making sure the blasters wouldn't shoot over the edge. There was plenty of time to build up again before the blasters ran out.

How would you approach this map?
What?! Why? How? Just work, you field!


The middle is the best choice.
There easy to defend. ;)
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I did middle ,  you can hold that spot easy with 1 mortar ... build and work your way up to middle high .I might can get it in under 10 min. I will replay it later to cut some time off..... if I remember... /grin 

the middle gives you a little more working room. fun map . thanks for the find :)
time:  12 min 45 sec