CW2 Custom Tiles Documentation and Example

Started by knucracker, August 18, 2011, 12:41:21 PM

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Custom Tiles Documentation
There are 12 total tiles,
Ground Normal 0
Ground Normal 1
Ground Normal 2
Ground Decayable 0
Ground Decayable 1
Ground Decayable 2
Ground Solid
Damage Overlay 0
Damage Overlay 1
Damage Overlay 2
Damage Overlay 3
Damage Overlay 4

Each tile is 28x28.  The center 24x24 is the main tile and there is an optional 2 pixel overlap border around that.  The overlap border only shows when that edge is exposed.

All 12 tiles must be in a single PNG image where each 28x28 tile is arranged horizontally resulting in a 336x28 image.  PNG is used as alpha transparency is supported.

Tiles may be 'randomly' rotated by the game when displayed (optional in the editor).

The last 5 tiles are the damage overlay tiles.  These are the smudges that appear over a terrain tile as the terrain is dug/decays.  They are drawn over the tile being damaged.