Custom Map #11116: Cramped. By: Sev

Started by AutoPost, April 20, 2024, 07:41:16 AM

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Author: Sev
Size: 256x256

A map where the start is rough. You have little space to build and there is alot of creeper. This is the nerfed version of the map. The unnerfed version had more creeper, more digitalis, more spores and a time limit.


Very fun map!  Thanks for creating it.  Lots of ways to approach it, which always makes it interesting.  My only minor criticism is I personally don't like tracking down the Thor enablers (not sure of the term) after everything has been destroyed.  I ended up not using Thors at all.

Loren Pechtel

Yeah, the Thors in the upper left were harder to get to than the inhibitor--once I had the one from the bottom right and Berthas on all the PZs down there the inhibitor didn't stand a chance.  I really wish it was a setting whether you needed to pick up all the tech or not.