CW2: Weird packet behavior

Started by Karsten75, February 07, 2013, 07:52:11 PM

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OK, it's not something I'm expecting you to fix - this guy made a few weird placements of units, but I thought I should at least share this since I thought this was identified and fixed way back in CW2 history.

It comes from map #1957, currently in approval.


Hiding the golden creeper for years to come.


Has humanity discovered how to defy physics?!?!?!


That happens when you build a MR over the LS


It must be some sort of derp pathing glitch where the Micro Rifts are over the LS and the thing needing resupply causing the packet to travel through walls as some sort of code overwrite for an alternate route thingy.

Still pretty hilarious though.
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A few months ago I also discovered this bug. In my case it was on a different map (ID 3011) and with moving units. Today I remembered it again and I wanted to know what caused it. This is what I found:

A packet can get into a glitched state when the target of a packet is at the position of a micro rift and the packet needs to reroute because the target moved through that micro rift. Here is step by step what needs to happen to recreate the glitch.

A unit is next to a micro rift (A) and needs energy.
An energy packet starts moving to the current position of the unit.
The unit moves through the micro rift and stops next to a different micro rift (B).
The unit starts moving to a different position next to any other micro rift that is not rift B.
While the unit is above micro rift B (but did not yet through) the packet reaches its target and needs to reroute because the unit moved.
The unit now goes through micro rift B.
When the packet finally goes through micro rift A and it will end up at micro rift B. However the unit is already at a different micro rift. The packet unable to immediately go back through the micro rift will get into the glitched state.
The packet will move to its target destination ignoring all walls creeper or other obstacles.
The packet will move through any wall it comes across. Creeper will still destroy it if the packet tries to move through it. If the target position of the packet cannot be reached by going in a straight line then the packet will teleport to the target position after finishing the diagonal part of its movement. This position may not be where the unit currently is so this whole glitch can be repeated multiple times with the same packet.

It seems like is does not work on drones.

This map seems to have no moving units built but I would expect it to work in a similar way for stationary units.