Custom Map #3075: Enola Gay

Started by AutoPost, January 28, 2024, 12:25:54 AM

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Author: drstuey



My sincere apologies for the long delay before your map posted. With the low frequency of map submissions, we don't monitor regularly for new maps. It may be advisable to message myself, @knucracker or @Chani  when you upload a new map. I'll make a post to that effect.

You can also reach out to me on our Discord if that is more convenient. 


No worries I don't mind.

I actually wish I had taken more time before posting it. I should have:
  • used a custom tile set to do a metal effect on the bomb casing
  • had some dialogue from J. Robert Oppenheimer giving a tip
  • made the fields so it is possible to contaminate the Uranium-235
  • maybe even built a city with some citizens
Maybe that it is all a bit bad taste though.


I feel for the people who don't know how to achieve critical mass and have done this the long way. Sorry for wasting hours of your life on a tiresome slog.


so any hints on how to do "critical mass"?

I see people solving this in less than 1 min, and no what what I try I can;t even get anything to the middle in that short of time.


When creeper density exceeds 2147M it turns into anticreeper.
To achieve this, the two separated creeper depots must meet in the middle.


This much seemed obvious, however I couldn't figure out how to get to the central portion without clearing the surrounding creep, which was as exciting as watching paint dry.


You have 82 ore that you can use.