Bought PF:E steam dlc, where is the corp in game code?

Started by SpeedCZ, July 13, 2023, 11:25:41 AM

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I dont know where is the code?? is it supposed to be in the .zip??insidezip.png


If you bought the game directly through, the CITG code was in the email you received after purchase.  If you bought the game on steam, then the CITG code is available within steam.  Right click the game in steam, select "Manage/View CD Keys".

You enter the CITG code within the game from the main menu of the game.


Just to add more information, here is the menu in Steam to obtain the key(s)> Right-click the game in your Steam Library, and ...

And here is where/how it is entered into the game: Bottom left, select "Corporation in the Game" and enter the key