Hardest map?

Started by Karsten75, August 27, 2010, 10:59:59 AM

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June 24, 1993. Wow, what a bitchy level. I'd call it: floating city.


August 18, 1664. A nice hard map.

(Btw.: A historical date for New York City. A ship arrived at the habour of New Amsterdam. On board there were british people. The Dutch surrendered. A few days later the City was renamed to New York.)


Also nice: June 15, 8976


Another one: October 29, 3844


march 25, 4771.  Anyone able to beat this?  I've been building 3 blasters, letting them fully charge at the starting position then moving them and the base to the elevated part.  Can't quite beat it.


I couldn't manage a "head chop" here either, but with a little patience (and a lot of fiddle) you can get a small economy running on the ridge in the north east corner...

This was a fun one - thanks for finding it :D


January 5th 2023 is a doozy.

I can see a couple of people have managed to complete it (16 minutes and 90+ minutes)

I haven't managed it yet. I came very close to breaking out of the top left corner once, before some spores messed up the run.

I think the trick is to move the city to the west hill and get enough energy production, plus a mortar shooting south and another east of the hill shooting into the deepest valley.

That way some blasters could in theory keep the creeper at bay, but without them the creeper pretty quickly builds up to a level where it overwhelms the blasters.

If anyone has any hints or tips, let me know.


Hey, I see you've successfully finished the level by now but still. I think best start is to move the city to the south platform since it's larger. Start building a collector network on the higher level, then add a few reactors to get to about 6 energy/s. Use the upgrades for lower cost and more energy generation. Then you can build 2-3 drones to bomb the large creeper areas and 1, maybe 2 blasters to keep the lower platform clear. This should allow you to bridge accross the gap with relays.

Build a path all the way to the left, to the point just above the left emitter. While you're building that path, you can start also building about 3 packet speed buildings and some blasters. You'll need 4-5 of them at the end, but you should probably also use them to clear some creeper from the elevation 1 on the left. Once you're ready and are generating around 8+ energy/s, bomb the creeper to the right and below that emitter. At the same time move those 4-5 blasters to the bottom level next to the emitter. With some luck you'll be able to clear enough space to build the final collector to reach the last totem.