Nexious [V] Story Campaign.

Started by Vertu, July 07, 2021, 06:14:20 PM

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Considering how expansive my series has been getting, it's time to create a consolidated thread rather than inputs in the map comments.

The Nexious missions are based on Emergent/"natural" difficulty, I simulate an entire region known as "The Nexious Region of Redacted space." and the position of the team within this region is the main determining factor of difficulty and what missions may be next along with generally how missions may playout but at the end of the day, the biggest threshold is "difficult but fair" in that if you play optimal and do your best, you will succeed. Some missions have a higher demand of this capability than others but in the grand scheme, they are never meant to be unfair. The only unfair aspects I allow in this series is being outmatched as you need to put effort to overcome the challenges of exploring the Nexious Region.

The ships are designed to be grabbing but functional > aesthetic. I build them in a functional way than add functional decorations to them as to make them look better, this can be simpler than just adding a type of armor shape. The idea of a "space ship" to me is unbounded, it can be literally anything so long it works in space and therefor you get specialized ships that look distinct among others such as the HEX, specialized to be a tank and jack of all trades ship that can be at the head of the frontline and be well so long it's supplied. It's iconic nose of the HEX is deigned to be an extension of armor to be a shield for ships behind it, protecting them greatly while also looking nice, this is the kind of functional decoration I do for these ships.

I do my utmost best to sustain a cohesive lore and execution of missions. No plot armor, no silly moves, no out-of-nowhere changes. The series is ran on the assumption that the crew and Nexious Particle are both competent in their respective limits and the only major changes that happen are strategic moves on either side or entering a unique area. Otherwise each mission is very cohesive to each other and so much so you can actively watch as old ship designs slowly evolve as you fight and destroy them as the Nexious Particle learns the flaws of those ships and how to improve them into a more ideal function. I made sure to include the crew to notice this phenomenon too.

And finally, the Nexious series is heavily feed-back based, the first "series" of Nexious was highly experimental, every mission highly distinctive from the last as I experiment with various ideas and themes, finding which tends to be the most enjoyable and for what possible reasons. The 2nd "series" is mostly based on what I have learned from these experiments and that is in my opinion why they have been so greatly reviewed. That does not mean I stopped experimenting, just look at NexioP2 4: Phase Two. That is a experiment in the 2nd series. But after every finalized mission that is published, I always look for the slightest hints of feedback, completion time, comments, long-term thoughts, they are all very important for how I make future missions.

Now as for Nexious itself. The series is formulated on uncertainty and the unknown, diving into the deep-end to get a quick glimpse to what lies in the depths and striving to learn from the unknown in search of answers to new questions. So far as of NexioP2 #4, the team has traveled half the parameter of the Nexious region, starting in the "South" and ending up in the "North-East" in terms of the parameter of the map. I have been very happy seeing the Nexious series be enjoyed by many and plan to keep doing it until I have finished the entire Emergent storyline of the Nexious Region.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


Sorry for the inactivity. It has been very daunting how overwhelming my maps are when you have a computer that can run the map at over 10 FPS. I am unable to understand my own difficulty anymore until I get my damn graphics card stuck in who knows where due to plastic shortages. Because of this I have stopped making the next missions as the difficulty in the next missions are vulnerable to being heavily miscalculated due to the slowdown I play in vs what others may play in.

Though I might remake the entire series (simply repost the old maps with changes) when I do get my new PC.... Eventually.............
Until then. I apologize.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


After.. Ugh lets see.. 3 months of waiting on one single graphics card alone I had a change in plans to get a more accessible and temporary one rather than the optimal one out there. 1 and a half months later with thugh-de-daing it is finally inbound so I will be returning to this game and remaking all the maps with a better computer so I can ensure you don't get mobbed by massive fleets that zoom across the map at Formula 1 speeds and have to play at 0.5x speed at all times if you have a good computer.

Some maps may be unchanged however so keep that in mind. I will also try to not go overboard so my better computer doesn't make the missions EVEN LAGGIER for people since I can run them much more easily.

Hope all goes well and I can make better versions of many of my maps. Heck, I might look into scripting in PF.. Maybe.. maybe.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.


I have returned!
Again. ...
But for real this time.
Already did 3 [V] versions.

Getting into the scripting of PF too.
The main story will continue once the [V] versions reach the final mission as a lot of the lore and story has to be updated (since I was heavily winging it before until I locked onto a story type).

What is exactly the [V] version of these maps?
Well, if you read the above, I was doing a metric ton of experimenting. I don't need to do that anymore so every time I revisit a mission I can fix the experimental part of it into an official and cleaner part. I know all of my tricks and gimics I will be using so I will focus on the current story time line and add those tricks and gimics once the crew on this adventure reach the moment in time where those tricks and gimics come into play.

I essentially have a high bound and low bound. No more guessing on what may work and how. So expect more consistency.
The [V] versions also allow me to fix some balance issues, like having way too many AMP Gems.
Hope the reworks make the maps even more enjoyable the series as a whole more barrable.
Life isn't fair because we say it isn't. Not because it is unfair. In fact, it is so fair we want to say it isn't and do.