How do custom tiles work?

Started by timophy, August 18, 2011, 12:29:47 PM

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I don't see anything about what format the custom tiles should be in. Anyone know? I assume a tilesheet with 32x32 tiles... but what goes in each position.


Look at this one..


Hmm.... is there any way to change the capsules, remnants, or holocubes? I would like to make mission that are like "Save the girl (capsule) before the zombie plague (creeper) hits her" or something like that.


No, not in this update.  Unit graphics can't yet be customized.  It would have been a ton of work to support variable scale bitmap graphics to replace the sprite vector graphics that the game currently uses for units.  This is something I plan to eventually get supported, though.  But I didn't want to delay this update for another several weeks while I worked through this support.


       So.. could you copy the image example(s) provided, and use them as a template? like color over each box, and save the image as something else. maybe something like that might help confused people?
and it has to be a PNG; title.png file, right?