Potential Steam Trade for CW bundle or CW3

Started by Blackstripe, August 04, 2020, 02:35:57 AM

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So, figured I would throw this out here.  I'm a newcomer to CW, and have gotten my hands on CW1-2, and am looking forward to playing 3 and 4(love the demo, can't wait for release).  But, with the world being as it is, virus/riots/etc...  I don't have the funds to grab the game. 
So here's what I'm offering.  I have unclaimed Steam/Origin keys for quite a number of games that I got through Humble Bundle, either because I wasn't personally interested in them, or were ones I already owned.  I am willing to trade ANY THREE of these game keys for the Steam CW bundle, or ONE of the Keys for just CW3. 

Here are the available Keys, and the platform to use them on
-Gods Will Be Watching
-Hard West
-C&C: Red Alert 3
-Dead Space
-Medal of Honor
-Mirror's Edge