Weapons Less effective than Other Players

Started by Dextorplays, August 19, 2021, 11:53:19 PM

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I was stuck on the FPS: Return to Bunker map and figured I must have missed something.  When I checked my stats against YouTube Play throughs I see the numbers all match, but they were cutting through creep at a much faster rate. I would estimate my weapon effectiveness is 1/3 what I see in the playthroughs.  My Upgrades are maxed.  I have positive Power generation (224.8/5/100)  All the options for graphics are turned down and I have a beefy machine showing no lag.  On 1x and 4x speed the creep is sitting at 884.07k Creep vs 564.67k AC.  The bertha is firing through this and the creep vs AC remain steady.  I have tried a constant Cannon/Mortar/Spray over time and none have an impact on the creep vs AC.  So I am left with concluding I have some config set somewhere that reduces my weapons effectiveness.


Did you save and load at some point in the map? There was a known bug in older FPS maps which I believe has been fixed in newer versions. It basically made the upgrades break if you save and load at any point in the map so that they no longer apply properly. I don't remember the exact details about what triggered it, but it should be avoidable by not reloading from save.


Had not reloaded, but oddly when I saved the effectiveness picked up just enough for me to push through very slowly.


Game modes in maps are not a Support topic.  There is no official support for custom maps.