Grabz's Collection of Unfinished CRPL Stuff

Started by Grabz, February 14, 2021, 05:27:57 PM

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Hi there.

This thread is my collection of maps and concepts written in CRPL that I have never ended up finishing, whether it is due to technical constraints or general lack of interest. I am sharing these maps as-is, and am willing to provide support on Discord to the best of my recollection of how these maps worked. I likely will never release these concepts myself so do with them what you will.
All downloads are in the second post.

Terrain Ship Thing
This map is an attempt to create "Particle Fleet" in CW3. The script PFShip.crpl looks for terrain within its CRPLCore's size dimensions and converts it to a ship! Any units within the ship are also "boarded" and will follow with the ship. The player can then order the ship to move around. Hull pieces are damaged in contact with Creeper and will be slowly repaired.

This map involves moving vanilla units. Seasoned CRPL coders will know that this breaks the game a bit. Because of the connection/cell occupied count bug, this map cannot use the regular packet network. As such, creation of towers/relays/CN's must be disabled.

The map supports units landing on terrain. If the map is saved while a ship is over terrain, units that are boarded will occupy cells on top of the terrain, making it inaccessible - this isn't solved. Another problem is that moving nullifiers do not update their beam correctly, meaning a custom nullifier (lathe?) would also be needed to make this work.

Click the ship to select it for movement, or hold CTRL and click to select individual units on ship and set them to land on some terrain. The ship will construct new copies of the units and fill them with ammo.

Ships support custom modules to be attached to them. One built in module is an energy crystal. This unit will slowly generate more energy for the ship (on top of the energy provided by the ship itself), thus speeding up ship repair and ammo refill for boarded units.

Dark Beam
This map features a special player unit UI holder, and a recreation of Dark Beam and Dark Mirror in CW3. The beam cuts through creeper and slowly damages enemy structures in contact. The beam will not hurt things that are on lower elevation, and is stopped by higher elevation terrain. The beam also slowly cuts through walls. Beams can be bounced using Dark Mirrors; the longer the beam, the higher the energy intake of the Dark Beam.

Most enemy units have an internal health value of 0, so it normally isn't possible to gradually reduce their health. To combat this, this map has a script that attaches a dummy CRPL core to enemy units, effectively working as their health. This allows the beam to slowly cut through enemy units health.






i love the dark beam idea dude.

i will see if i can rock a map together with it later.

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