Feature requests/suggestions

Started by addestroyer, October 02, 2020, 10:50:26 PM

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A few general stylistic/aesthetic thoughts after watching the latest video (I'll post them on the forum later as well)

  • I'd like having an option to "flatten shields" so the area of effect edges are still visible while still hiding the 3D visual effect
  • I had a pretty hard time following what the snipers were shooting at, I think it would help to have a brief bullet trail along the whole arc to help highlight that which unit shot and what it shot at
  • I think it would look really cool to have the nullifier effect be a bunch of little lightning bolts shooting around the nullified object instead of the white smoke cloud that it is right now.  This one is more of a food for thought ask, I'm not entirely sure if the effect would work as desired... My general gripe here is that the current effect occurs entirely above the nullified structure, and I'd prefer to see some effect on the object itself as a better indicator that it's disabled