How to share scripts?

Started by TrickyPlayer, August 06, 2020, 10:36:53 AM

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Maybe there is something I am overlooking, but there are just so much pages and topics that I am not feeling like searching for hours. So, how can I share scripts? Can I just put them here, or do I have to post them at the level that I used them for, or do I have to wait until someone asks for it?
When you want an explanation for something I use in my levels, or if you want to suggest something, feel free to tell me. Just don't ask/suggest things every other day please :P


The scripts are in the maps. In my opinion, that's the best place for them - if someone likes the map, they can open it in the editor and have access to the scripts.

As soon as we start putting scripts somewhere (and we're already finding this in CW4) there is an issue of the script getting changed and out of sync with the "original" in the map.

If you want to have a conversation around this, and specific matters you wish to raise, we can do it on Discord since that's more interactive than here.

It is of course possible for youand a number of other scripters (as a subset of mapmakers) to get together, create a GitHub repository and put your scripts there with links where you feel appropriate.