How to edit Creeper World custom map (.cwm) files by hand

Started by mopa42, October 29, 2010, 10:28:04 AM

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Hello mopa42 and all other who are reading this.

I am a  Linux User who is not able to run the Editor on Linux nor on Windows, so i decided to take your hint and started to write my own multi platform Map Editor based on the excelent information's you shared in this post.

By now i am able to decode .cwm files into .xml files back and forth with a standalone application, no need to install anything.
I attached the Linux 64 Bit version, creating a Windows version is no problem (if wanted).

At the moment there is no exporter of the custom background images, even if i am still able to decode it. If someone is interested on the progress or the actual versions feel free to reply or contact me.