Alpha Sector:CobraKill:Titan

Started by Benabik, November 08, 2013, 11:55:48 AM

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I can build fast enough to keep the digitalis off the platform and the spores away, but I start running into negative energy and can't keep the creeper from running down the hill onto the platform.  If I had mortars maybe I could keep it away, but they're locked out.

I see at least a few people have scores, so any tips for those of us who are stuck?


I beat it, granted not a respectable time. You need to make sure you have three blasters on the front, and sides and I usually try to get one up in each of the towers. Also, drop down three CN's at the start to get higher initial energy. Once you get a defense up, you can terraform at the back of the castle for more energy.

Terps are a great asset here, and it's a good idea to advance on Bertha fire; hence the name of the map.
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The reply by CobraKill is helpful but not sufficient. After being overrun by digitalis about 30 times within 3 minutes, I found the key is to take out the lower spore tower with the 3rd orbital and 6 collectors, the orbital will also last long enough to build one Guppy and discharge it into the fortress once. This gives the necessary energy boost to build enough reactors for survival. Then you stay with only one orbital until the situation is stable. It takes extreme micromanagement to make sure you never run into negative energy, so building is very very slow and it's a good idea to save the game frequently in case runners take out your front cannons. As soon as you have enough energy, start terraforming.
Man was I proud when I built the first Berta. From there it's routine.


As an alternative, it's possible to start on the top ridge. Again, energy is tight, but there's no Digitalis threat and a crawling advance with Terps is quite doable.
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I found this map very simple, beat first time playing. My time is utter crap because I don't care about speed (blasphemer!). The way I did it was to grab the ore and spit it out always on. Drop all 3 CC's and go all reactors, TERP 4 high wall to the left, fill with reactors. TERP push right 7 spaces wide, build forge and kept going. raised the boosters to 6 height, dropped cannons. I run at 4x speed so mission time slips by fast.