Binding pause to side button on mouse

Started by Wheatmidge, July 09, 2019, 06:59:41 PM

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I haven't been on here in a while. But I just started playing a little creeper world 3 again.

I ran into a little issue and I am hoping someone has a solution.

I was hoping to bind the pause button to the side button on my mouse. I have been trying to play the game one handed (new baby that always likes to be held).

The keys option in the menu only allows remapping of keyboard keys. I know I can just click the pause button on the UI but I just think it would be handy on the mouse.

Is there any way that someone knows of to trick the game into thinking mouse 3 or 4 is an acceptable keybinding?


As far as I know - and I'm not an authority - the key-options are already "whatever Unity supports".

So I'd think that if you can't select the "pause" secondary binding and then use whatever button, then it's unlikely that there's a workaround.
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What make/model mouse do you have? Some come with software to allow keybinding.


I have a Redragon M652 wireless mouse. Which doesn't seem to have any additional drivers or control programs on the manufacturer website and isn't compatible with Windows Keyboard and Mouse settings in Windows 10.
Well, I guess that is what I get for buying the cheapest 5 button wireless mouse I could find. I guess I am stuck clicking on the pause button.

Thank you for your help


I'll draw this discussion to the attention of knucracker and *maybe* there is something he can add into CW4. It will be too late for you, but untold future generations fo fathers may one day thank you. :)


Considering you're on Windows, AutoHotkey might save you.

First of all, try this script (save as .ahk, run after having installed AutoHotkey) and see if any of the extra mouse buttons press the button 'P':


If this does work, feel free to delete the line (button) you don't need and re-run the script. If this doesn't work, close the script (right click in your system tray (bottom right) and Exit). Odds are your mouse uses different names for the extra mouse buttons. Here's how we find out what the names are.
First, run this script:


After running the script, double click the icon in your system tray (bottom right). A window should open. Now, press the desired extra mouse button you'd like to use for pause. Doesn't matter where, the point is that it needs to be logged. Now, in the window, press View on the top bar, then press 'Key history and script info'. The window will display the history of all keys/buttons pressed, one of which should be the special mouse key. Go back to the first script I posted, but replace XButton1/XButton2 with the new name.


Thank you Grabz.

The Auto Hotkey Script worked Perfectly. I can now pause the game easily with my side button.