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Started by KinneticSlammer, November 27, 2018, 02:00:48 PM

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How do I change the description of, and publish, my finalized maps?


First, you have to finalize your map in the editor.

Then, leave the editor, go back to the Projects section from the main menu, and in the Finalized section, find your map.

First, you have to play and complete the map in order to upload it. After you've completed the map and posted a score, go back to Projects, and you will now be able to upload the finalized map you just completed.

From there, you can set the map name, author name and description, and finally upload your map.

However, if you wish to change the name of your local project before uploading for the sake of your own local management, the only way to do so is to navigate here:
This folder contains all your projects. Simply rename the folder with your project. However make sure to leave the editor first, the main menu is fine.


It should probably be emphasized

Once published, description/map names can't be changed on the KC server.
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