Can't travel to the next story system in CW3

Started by knucracker, September 18, 2018, 10:00:02 AM

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If for some reason you have completed all of the missions in a Story system in Creeper World 3, but you can not travel to the next system (a red line), you probably have a corrupt inhibited.dat file.
This could happen for many reasons, but the following will get you straight.

First, see the NOTE at the bottom.  It's important.

If you are on steam:
1: Exit the game.
2: Right click the game in the steam client and choose Properties
3: Click the Updates tab and uncheck the "Enable Steam Cloud Synchronization" checkbox.
This will prevent steam from overwriting your fixed inhibited.dat file below.  Once things are working again, you can re-enable the check if you wish.

Now, download the attached inhibited.dat file.  This file is what tells the game which systems are unlocked and you are allowed to jump to.  You will need to place it here on windows:

If there is an inhibited.dat file there already, then rename it and put the new one in place.
After that, you can start the game and will have free navigation of the story missions.

If necessary, you can also mark an individual world as "complete" by flying to it and letting your ship orbit the planet.  Press "Alt-U" while your ship is orbiting to tag a planet as complete.

This inhibited.dat will unlock the story mission systems.  DO NOT REPLACE your inhibited.dat if you have already completed the story and unlocked a bunch of system in other systems.  This inhibited.dat will will essentially reset your progress in those other systems!