Map submissions Nov. 19th-Dec. 2nd

Started by Ninja, November 18, 2017, 07:43:44 PM

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Now closed, kept for archive purposes only
The following is the thread for submitting maps for competition Nov. 19th through December 2nd. I'm merging these two weeks at the beginning; however, in the future each week will have its own thread.

Regulations for map submissions can be found in the general information forum. If you're unsure about whether it violates the rules, go ahead and submit it. I'll let you know (privately, unless you specify that you'd like to be notified publicly), or just not use it.

What I need to know:

  • What game is the map in? (CW2/3/PF)
  • Is CRPL/PRPL present? (If so, explain in detail)
  • What time did you score? (screenshot preferred)
  • For CW2 code maps, be sure to include the compexity and size.


A few random CW2 submissions...

You Must Construct Additional Pylons (Small/Medium) 7:54
1000 Words (Small/High) 9:40
Intern (Small/High) 9:51
Brain (Small/High) 12:29
Query (Small/High) 13:08


New Headphones (Small/High) 15:03


Since nobody has submitted (non-joke) cw3 maps, I nominate:

Collapse (Colonial space 1097) 12:00
Valley (DMD 5508) 10:00

and for PF:

The Outer Rim (Exchange 81) 4:26
Chasing Struc (Exchange 846) 7:29 Contains PRPL: Runner Spawner and Struc Flood
Pretty sure I'm supposed to be banned, someone might want to get on that.

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As a map maker, I'd like to submit some CW2 maps too. Namely, my six Dark Menace maps:

  • Dark Menace Part 1 - 28:17
  • Dark Menace Part 2 - 25:52
  • Dark Menace Part 3 - 46:23
  • Dark Menace Part 4 - 25:21
  • Dark Menace Part 5 - 51:21
  • Dark Menace Part 6 - 34:46
Note: I'm not that great a CW2 player and I don't particularly want to enter the competition, just wanted to submit some maps. :P
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A PF map I made ages ago for Hiaagra defence force [community lore crap], completely forgot about the reason I made it, and I realised it may make a decent map. 
Now what you need to know: 
What game is the map in? (CW2/3/PF)
Particle fleet.
Is CRPL/PRPL present? (If so, explain in detail)
PRPL IS present, but only for custom ship modules.
Custom ship modules: 
PassiveParticleMaker: Spawns particles passively, with no cost. 
ActiveParticleMaker: Spawns particles 3x or 4x faster, but uses LOTS of energy. 
However, the active maker draws energy directly from the global energy storage. 
What time did you score? (screenshot preferred)
29:11. I got the first score, as I made it. 
I don't want to beat the map again, which is why I don't want to take a screenshot of me beating it again. 
For CW2 code maps, be sure to include the compexity and size.
not a cw2 code map 
Some extra info that would be good info for speedrunners, but not required.
The ships have been arranged into fleets I would reccomend using.
Fleet 1: MS Custom-escorted lathe. 
[ M ]ax - [ S ]ec = MS. 
This fleet uses a lot of energy with the only active maker, and has two ships with 3 passive makers each. 
Dischargers are on the ships, despite the lack of stunners
High-security, definitely. 
Fleet 2: Flanking battlers. 
Again, no stunners but this has two dischargers. 
A main flanker, the grabberG3 is in this fleet. 
The fleet also comes with three grabberG2s, to split up and counter particles who attempt to flank the flank. 
Fleet 3: Faraway lathers. 
This fleet has two lathes, a tanker and a micro tanker, allowing for lathing long-distance. 
The weapons on this one is two grabberG3s, more powerful than even 1-cooldown emitters. 
To use [OUR] Custom Modules, go to Forums/Knuckle Cracker/PFE/Map Makers, Ship Builders, and Coders, Go to the pinned posts, find the one named "Custom Modules Thread", Open it, Scroll down until you find ShipModule, Apply that into your map, do not apply it into map if one copy already exists, Apply the Adder script (Sometimes named "Master.prpl, sometimes [shipname]Adder, etc.) and the actual used scripts [which i will state in my posts]. If one copy already exists, do not apply another copy. -The CMC :-)


Need a CW3 map?

No Cropple. Fairly difficult at the start, but fairly fair fair. Beaten by both myself and planetfall.
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