New game not working

Started by legato, November 08, 2017, 03:53:42 PM

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Hi all, I just reset my progress to start a new game in CW3. However, the first level, Tempus, does not load properly (it's a different level) and there is no key, so I can't progress. (Screenshot attached.) I tried resenting again, and I uninstalled and reinstalled. Anyone had a similar issue or know a fix?


Take a look at your save game directory for CW3.  The location can be found in this post:

If you want to totally reset the game, make sure that directory is empty (or rename it and the game will make it again, and empty).  Do manipulations on this directory while the game is not running. 

Once you have nuked the directory, run the game again.  If you still have problems it is likely because the game doesn't have write permissions on the directory (so it can't create it, or create and write to files under it).

Additionally, turn of the steam cloud save for the game is that is on.  That could be placing a corrupt file or something in the way after you nuke the directory.


I wiped everything. Every trace of the game on my system, turned off steam sync. The game was wiped, everything came up locked when I reinstalled it. However, the problem with Tempus remains.

IS it possible this is from the recent CW3 steam update?


Ok, Sorry for bugging you and thanks for the help. It was something with bitdefender that was preventing it from creating a new save!