Knickle Cracker wiki permissions

Started by Karsten75, August 31, 2017, 01:28:13 PM

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If you have access and/or permission issues with wiki access, please post here or in the Support forum.  Before raising an issue, please log out of the wiki and log back in to refresh your access permissions.

Longer story:

It came to our attention that the wiki permission levels was not set as we expected it to be.

Our expectation is that all registered members on the forum should have full access to the wiki - that means Read, Update, Create and Upload (of images).

These permissions are based on your SMF member profile and I might have not set things up as correctly as they should be when I recently (a month or so ago) cleaned up the SMF member groups.

Virgil and I yesterday re-jigged the Wiki Access Control Lists, in conjunction with making modifications to SMF member groups.



Murphy's Law took effect and Virgil had to re-work the SMF interface in the wiki software. If, you had any issues prior to the time of this posts, they should (hopefully - touch wood!) be now resolved if you log out and back in.

I apologize for the inconvenience.