Can I transport energy from reactors in remote locations?

Started by PartyFlava, March 03, 2017, 08:13:59 PM

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I just played the first mission with guppies.

I noticed that if I build a reactor on a remote island, since it's not connected to my network, it has no effect.

Is there a way to get the energy from that reactor? Or is it pointless to build reactors in remote locations?


If a Collector or Reactor is disconnected from a CN, it generates no energy. Collectors retain some use as a cheap connection. A Reactor has no such benefit.

If you fly/drop in a CN, or build a connection, it will start to work.

On a related note, Ore mines can supply Ore to Guppy bases and these can ship it back to base. You will need a Collector, Relay or landed (not on-pad) Guppy to provide a connection between the structures.
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Quote... or build a connection, it will start to work.

By "build a connection" you mean back to a command node, right? I think that's what you mean, just making sure. The reactor here doesn't generate anything, for example, even though I built a connection to a disjoint collector:


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