alpha sector - thepenguin - Troublesome Trains 02 : score problem

Started by zerocd, December 24, 2016, 09:18:02 AM

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I'm sorry about my English.
When I play Alpha Sector - thepenguin - Troublesome Trains 01, everything is ok.
But in Troublesome Trains 02, score don't change.
I found old post about this bug ( )
According to that page, Captain Ford fixed this bug.
But didn't fixed in steam version.
What can I do?


TL;DR: That map is broken in all versions (steam and non-Steam) of the game and is likely to remain so.

It may be that you misinterpreted the referenced thread. The Original Poster (OP) - Captain Ford, asked for permission to upload a fixed map. That permission never came - even if it did come, the upload will happen to Colonial Space, since Alpha Sector was a showcase of maps made during game development and will not undergo further changes.

ThePenguin several times offered to fix the issues with Troublesome Trains 02, but never did so.

So, as it stands, that map is just a relic of ancient players having played and moved on.

If you or anyone wishes to fix the CRPL code and upload the map to Colonial Space, you do not need to ask for permission.