Started by PMouser, September 01, 2016, 01:24:45 AM

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Why am i getting notices from my antivirus saying suspicious activity? and it blocked my creeper world 2 from the internet. ty
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what AV are you using?

anyway, AV updates (and game updates, but CW2 hasn't been updated) change the virus and threat logs, and sometimes that can cause errors or false positives...

you can add CW2 as an exception. different AV's have different methods so i don't know what process yours is exactly, but in settings/options there will be an option to allow CW2 to be exempted from the threat list.

hope that helps  8)
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If memory serves, there was some update for AV products from the Norton stable  (and BTW, it usually helps if you provide us with detailed information, such as the name of your AV product) that flagged stuff it didn't know about. Not that the product had a virus, just if it didn't know, then it flagged it as suspicious.

So maybe if you look at and post the specific identity or threat name, etc, we can Google it for you.

Or you can contact the tech support of your AV product provider and ask them - after all, it is their product that does this?