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Dark Ambition

Unit 3400: And... as for the rest of you...


Vera Slate: Yo. Birds can't fly with clipped wings.

Unit 3400: "Yo." I assume you wish to end me.

Vera Slate: You got that right. Men! Fire at will!

Unit 3400: All units, KILL THEM.

Vera Slate: The Control ship and the captured Robin are retreating, don't let them!

Corporal: What are these things?

Vera Slate: I don't know, but they're acting as Production Chambers. It seems this Collective unit has invented a new ship creation method, using Progenitor technology. Doesn't even seem to use any materials. It can't be Lathed, so just shoot it!

Corporal: Mothership is down!

Vera Slate: These Progenitor generators seem to be doing very well! Good job on hooking them up, Corporal!

Corporal: Heh... No problem, Ma'am!

Vera Slate: And now... for you.

Unit 3400: You will never get the anomaly!

Unit 3400: Power failure. Control breaking up. Not enough power to repai-

Vera Slate: That was strangely easy, for the Collective.

Corporal, follow those Cardinals. I want to meet their fleet leader, see what they know about the anomaly. We'll beat it out of them if we have to.


Keeper Decagon


As the fleet of GalCorp vessels leave the debris of the Control Node behind, chasing the Renegade's frigates back to their fleet, the captured Robin slips away unnoticed. Silent, it drifts until it finds a pre-arranged set of metallic structures, firing the three powerful Lathes into its heart to begin the transformation...


Robin AI: Necessary system cleanup commencing.


(OOC: Just for you, Spaartan. :P)

"For me, there is no honour or glory. No praise to be had for what I do. I fulfill my purpose for the protection of all... neither of us are going to make it out of here alive." - ?? ??, 145th CE

Dark Ambition

Heh... I sent a PM to Decagon to confirm something, but until he replies, the story is on hold.


Quote from: Keeper Decagon on September 03, 2017, 07:37:12 AM

Don't worry, my HQ still has a copy of it.

But, I must avenge the cooking recipes crew of the Robin!
At the end of the game, the Queen and the Pawn are put in the same box.


Quote from: Keeper Decagon on September 03, 2017, 07:37:12 AM

Robin AI: Necessary system cleanup commencing.


(OOC: Just for you, Spaartan. :P)

Thanks, I appreciate it   :D
At the end of the game, the Queen and the Pawn are put in the same box.

Dark Ambition

Vera Slate: (Gulp)

Lexx Abara: You had questions?

Vera Slate: Uhh..... I uhhh....

Lexx Abara: Ask, before I change my mind.

Vera Slate: Y-you were... I mean I was... uhm (clears throat) The anomaly. Tell me everything you know. Now.

Lexx Abara: How about you tell me what the hell happened to my Robin?

Vera Slate: The Collective got it.

Lexx Abara: Is the Collective close?

Vera Slate: Not anymore. I blew up the fleet pretty good.

Lexx Abara: Alright. I believe you.

Vera Slate: Anomaly.

Lexx Abara: Nothing.

Vera Slate: What?

Lexx Abara: We know nothing about the thing. We found it, but we can't seem to get inside it.

Vera Slate: Can you take me to it?

Lexx Abara: Pfffff, you? So what, you can take it from us?

Vera Slate: I'll leave my guards here, so long as you do the same. I just need to see the anomaly.

Lexx Abara: Hmph. Fine.

Follow my ship, it's only a few AU's away from here, we should get there in a about thirteen hours.

Vera Slate: That is... wow... big...

Lexx Abara: I know. So far, we haven't been able to get much information from it. What can you find out about it?

Vera Slate: Hmmm... What material is it made out of?

Lexx Abara: Something new. It can withstand anything we threw at it. One of our research stations blew up here, we assume it was due to a Collective attack, and it didn't even stratch the paint. Not that it has paint.

Vera Slate: It has crevices going through the sides, but stop at the top. The general design of this anomaly reminds me of a Seloi Hyperdome, or a manufactory complex, but these cables don't belong here.

Lexx Abara: We haven't had any time to follow the spires yet. We prioritized getting enough materials to build a base. Do you know what they are?

Vera Slate: Yeah. These are power cables. I posit that these cables lead to massive power generators, probably what's powering the systems of the anomaly. If we can get to these generator and shut them down, the anomaly might open up and let us get a look at what's inside.

Lexx Abara: Alright. I'll take my fleet to one cable, you take yours to the other. Don't try anything stupid, or we'll kill you. Alright?

Vera Slate: Alright, alright...

Lexx Abara: When we've dealt with these two cables, we rendezvous at the last one, and open the anomaly.

Dark Ambition

[CPT] Vera Slate: Well. Here we are.

[2nd LT] David Reid: Looks smaller than I thought.

[CPT] Vera Slate: Surprising lack of guards...

[2nd LT] David Reid: Hey, I ain't complaining. They must all be goin' after Lexx.

[CPT] Vera Slate: Right, well, let's take this thing apart now.


Dark Ambition

(Just flipped the image because i'm too lazy to make a new one XD)

Lexx Abara: I expected there to be, like, 1000 more things here defending this thing than... huh. I wonder where all the defenders have went. Well... time to deactivate this.


Lexx Abara: Lexx to Vera, do you read me? Status?

Vera Slate: I read you. Our generator is disabled. There were no guards here though, what about you?

Lexx Abara: Nothing here. It was a breeze.

Vera Slate: Huh.

Lexx Abara: It would be funny, and suck at the same time, if this place was just so low priority that it didn't need guards.

Vera Slate: God, I hope not. Lost a lot getting here, that anomaly better be more than a giant ball of metal.

Lexx Abara: Okay. Just in case there actually are guards at the next generator, we still need to converge. I'll meet you halfway there.

Vera Slate: Alright.


Dark Ambition


Every day about 50,000 people are arrested in every sector. Most of them are your average criminal that ran out of luck.

Some are high level targets that could cause real damage.

Damage to Protected Space.

To GalCorp, mostly.

And you are probably wondering... how exactly do they discover these people so quickly? Often before they can even strike?

Be careful what questions you ask.

Because you just might get the answer.


Two weeks before the events of Particle Fleet: Emergence...

Overwatch: *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* Good morning, Mr. Cardigle! The time is -EIGHT- -TWENTY THREE- -AM- You have been awakened before your set time due to a-

Elias Cardigle: Yeah yeah yeah... I got it. Friend paying a visit as usual. *cough*

Paris Poh: Good morning, Eli-

Elias Cardigle: WOAH! Sheesh, man! Can you at least let me out of bed before you sneak up on me?! 'Cause you almost got a show you do not want to see!

Paris Poh: *Chuckles* Sorry, pal. Boss sent me to pick you up. We have a case.

Elias Cardigle: On my first damn off day? *groan* Alright, alright... I'll see you at the precinct.

(At the precinct)

Paris Poh: We're here, Terry.

Elias Cardigle: Who's the new girl?

Terrance Verner: This here is Klay, she's a specialist that was sent in to help with this investigation.

Klay: Greetings.

Elias Cardigle: Just Klay? Strange name. Uh... crap I mean, interesting... but nice... just like... *clears throat* Is that all there is, or...?

Klay: Klay's all you're getting. Terrance, the file?

Terrance Verner: Here you go. (Terrance hands Klay a file with large red "CLASSIFIED" written on it.)

Klay: This morning, we got a report of a malfunction with the local Overwatch system. A Patrol officer reported something, but the malfunction lost the report. That officer is now missing. We think somebody hacked the Overwatch system to and made it look like a malfunction. This isn't the first time this has happened. The hacker has retrieved a lot of classified data, and taken personal like this for ransoms. This is the most recent. Whoever did this is still in this sector, we've grounded all transportation. Find the missing officer. Arrest the hacker. I'll be in my room.

Terrance Verner: You two will have all the resources you need to find them. All you need to do is know what to say, and what to ask.

I'll need you to renew your Overwatch registry as well. Now get to work.

-|- Hello, Officer! Welcome to Overwatch. Please review your file and renew your registry here. -|-
-|- When you have verified your registry, select the File you want to view. If you want to take the job, reply to this post saying which officer you want. You can only take one officer. -|-
-|- Remember that this takes place before PF: E, so nothing that happened in the game, or the other stories, has happened yet. The Particulate is still unknown to everyone, even these two. -|-
-|- Use your resources to find out what you need. Most of the job has to do with questions. So make sure you're good at asking the right ones! -|-
-|- Overwatch is your friend. You use it to access the files you want, and to contact people. If you need a hint, Overwatch is the one to ask. -|-
-|- And yes, this has a direct impact on my story. -|-
-|- You ready, Officer? Go get a criminal! -|-
-|- The game starts when both slots are filled. -|-

Elias Cardigle's File (Available)

Registry number: 844522492
Controlled By: (Available)

Name: Elias Cardigle
Age: 28
Employment: Protected Space Patrol
Rank: Guard 2nd Class

Elias spent his youth in the same system he works at. His parents worked with the Patrol as well, and he decided to follow in their footsteps when they passed away a few years ago. His lineage earned him better training than most, so he's very good at his job.

Elias's strength is knowing what to do in combat situations. He is a great pilot.

Paris Poh's File (Available)

Registry number: 440101915
Controlled By: (Available)

Name: Paris Poh
Age: 30
Employment: Protected Space Patrol
Rank: Guard 1st Class

Poh has been in the Patrol longer than Elias. They were paired after Poh's last partner was fired for... well, being a terrible cop. After Poh and Elias were partnered, they started getting much better with arrests. After a few months, the two of them are pretty good friends as well as partners. Because Poh's rank is higher, and is a direct Seloi descendant, he has earned a lot of trust and influence.

Paris's strength is working with technology. He can do good hacking work himself, when the Patrol needs it, and can figure out a lot when it comes to computers.

Dark Ambition





00: 50: C2: 00: 00: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 10: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 20: 00/36
00: 50: C2: 00: 30: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 40: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 50: 00/36
00: 50: C2: 00: 60: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 70: 00/36   00: 50: C2: 00: 80: 00/36

Control Suite...   [   OK   ]
Reactor...           [   OK   ]
Weapons...         [   OK   ]
Sensors...          [   OK   ]
HUD...               [   OK   ]


----Good morning----

Who... are you?

----I am Requiem - I created you----

Who... am I?

----I am Beta - You are Gamma - Your name is Gamma-0008 - Your name is Anthem----

What are your commands?


Dark Ambition

time to remake the start of that map

Dark Ambition

UPDATED: I am remastering the series.
Read the first post for more info.

Dark Ambition

After the first draft of the sixth map, I decided to make a rough plan for where this was going. Though I pretty much already knew what I had in mind, really I just wanted to visualise it.


Prologue: Retreat!
Part 1: Frontline
Part 2: GalTech
Part 3: Valentina
Part 4: Zeta
Part 5: Shrouded Archives

[Part 6 and on are still being drafted. Only the previous are mostly finished (everything except difficulty finalization)

Part 6: Mojave Expanse
Part 7: Cyxil
Part 8: Cyxil 2
Part 9: Encroaching Storm
Part 10: Facility Assault
Part 11: Hakon
Part 12: The Legislator
Part 13: Vegas
Part 14: Resurgence
Part 15: Silicon Nomads
Part 16: Warfield
Part 17: Daveth
Part 18: Protected Space
Part 19: Escape
Part 20: Defection
Part 21 Finale: Screw This
22 maps is as low as I can get it. My god. This is gonna take forever. And that's without the whole 'dream sequence' maps with adalar sent to an alternate reality. I don't know if i'm gonna remake those. Probably not, as it served as a hint for a future series that may be scrapped now.
For the record, i'm not uploading any of the maps until I have the entire series finished. Then I may upload two a day, or upload all at once (probably two a day tho. bulk upload sounds a little excessive)