Ship limit?

Started by Dark Ambition, April 01, 2019, 12:40:52 AM

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Dark Ambition

[General] Warfield: You guys hangin' on tight?

[Captain-Lieutenant] Valya: I don't think they can hear us. They don't have the protection of the Rift Totem's tune.The natural sonic forces of the Rift are dissolving their ship on the molecular level, from the outside in. Maybe they're out of power.

[General] Warfield: Not for long. The aperture is closing. Dropping Rift Tunnel in 3... 2... 1... Tunnel dropped.
Can you guys hear us now?

[CPT-LT] Valya: Still no signal.

[General] Warfield: Oh no. Ah... I hope they're okay.

[CPT-LT] Valya: Yeah, well... I wouldn't miss them.
Without Corvo controlling his ships, our fleet is at half capacity. We have no Omnis, and no Amp Gems. So... let's set up a defensive perimeter until they get back to us.

Is it possible to limit ship deployment to 8 ships and disable the other's when capacity is reached, or do I need to just... delete all but 8 ships for this mission, and drop them back into the manager when they regain power?

It isn't important, but it would be a neat addition. Disabling at capacity would allow the player to choose any ship they have, as long as they have capacity. Deleting would force me to choose only a few ships that can be used.


No practical method, sorry.
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