Cant do anything with game

Started by fanstar1, October 25, 2016, 09:06:45 PM

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same as above, can only exit game once I start it. Any ideas to fix it? I have already tried verifying cache.


OK, let's start with the basics. Best place to start is at the beginning, right? :)

Is this a new thing? and you're referring to Creeper World 3 (CW3), not the new Particle  Fleet: Emergent (PFE) game, right?

Clearing cache isn't relevant to either. What does fix a great majority of suddenly appearing issues is a reboot - that fixes 99.9% of issues.

If it was a new install, then maybe attempting re-installation, followed by another reboot might be a quick resolution.

If anything on your side changed, do you know what? graphics drivers updated, etc.

Please let us know if you run on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Screenshot of how the game looks when it starts would be helpful, as would the log file. Here is a link to instructions on where the log file is.

In case you're reporting against PF:E, here:


I am referring to CW3, and I couldn't find this on any other threads.
It was not a new install, it came on suddenly one day
Nothing changed on my side


NVMD, game mysteriously started working again