Started by prandinister, September 29, 2016, 11:47:39 PM

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Hello, I'm trying to win this achievement :Wrath of the Gods:

I played many levels with more than 20 AoO. and I never gain this achievement.

already I played this level. Oblivion by Neko187 in the Alpha sector and nothing happened.
and other custom levels as well.

It was supposed to be going on this issue, or is it a bug?

Crimson King

Potentially stupid questions:
Do you pick up at least 20 of the AoO? Do you fire at least 20 of the AoO?


Please do not make achievement maps in CS, especially with an open forum topic. It takes up valuable time removing them.
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Hello, thanks for the reply and sorry about English, I'm using google translator, I just found out my mistake. when I read AOO fire, I thought I had to take only 20 AOO to earn the achievement, but I saw that when you click on the option, Orbital, can you use the artifacts (lol) .. can close the topic. thank you!


We're happy to help. (Also, if we can solve the problem, other people can find this thread in a search, meaning that the question need not be asked again.)
A narrative is a lightly-marked path to another reality.