Credits in Particle Fleet

Started by Karsten75, September 24, 2016, 10:47:02 AM

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This is a revised topic with hopefully more concise and clear instructions.

If you have a key for Particle Fleet, and you have posted  on the pre-release forums for Particle Fleet,  you have helped to improve the game.

Virgil would like to acknowledge your contribution by giving you in-game credits.

If you would like to be so acknowledged, please post a single message in this topic. The message should indicate that you want to be included and the name that you want to be included under. The name can be any acceptable name, including your forum handle, your real name or a nickname you prefer. If cannot be rude or offensive (Virgil is the final arbitrator of that).

Any other post, or multiple posts on this topic will be deleted. I will also create a questions thread where you can ask questions if this isn't clear.


Yes, If you would be so kind, Champion Peterbuilt's Woolybully would be nice to include.
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Qwerty Quazo

I would like to be acknowledged as "Quazo33".
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Hi, I'd like to be acknowledge as: Xavier "Sorrontis" Michaud
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Yes, please. :) Call me Jon "steelwing" Prater.


Please add me as "Damian Jaworski". Thanks :)


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Please Call me "Creepermind AKA Nicant".
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Crimson King

Please add me as Will "Crimson King" K.


I'd like Laithaldien to be in the credits.


Might as well keep up a family theme...

Charles "kwinse" K.


Hi, I'd like to be acknowledge as: Mikola "ShadowAngel" Khimich


I would also like to be there please
Timothy (TJgalon) Galonski Jr.



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