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Started by knucracker, January 23, 2016, 11:57:27 AM

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I've updated CW3 with the latest steam library calls and the latest Unity engine and posted a prerelease version to steam.  No new features or changes.... just updated to bring it up to speed with all the latest internal goodies (and to sync it up with Particle Fleet).  It is currently available but isn't the default version you get on steam. 

So, if you are interested in testing it, just do the following steps in your steam client.  In theory everything should just work with no differences.  That's the plan anyway.  You should (currently) see a version string of 2.12 on the main menu.


- Start steam
- Go to Creeper World 3 and right click it.
- Select Properties then the Betas tab.
- Select "prerelease" in the dropdown at the top.
- Exit the dialog and exit steam by going to the steam menu in the top left and selecting exit.
- Restart steam, and CW3 should switch to the prerelease build.  You'll see "[prerelease]" next to the game name.
- Note:  You can revert to the default version at any point by following these instructions and selecting NONE in the dropdown rather than prerelease.

If you observe and anomaly, try switching back to the non-prerelease version and see if the problem is not present.  If the problem is present in both, that's 'fine' as it has been there all along.  For this exercise I'm only interested in differences between the old and new versions.

If you give it a try you can post your feedback to this thread.

Lastly, after everything looks good and I make this prerelease version of steam the default version, I'll remove this thread.


Please make it the default version if you're ready. I haven't found anything different or unusual, but others do get the messega 'incorrect software version' (or similar) when they try to play my latest map (made with the prerelease version).


It message in his newest map , doesn't prevent playing it or anything . But it feature is hard-coded?

No need to hurry up with it version.


Ahhh... didn't think about the version check on maps and stuff.  Guess I should get off my butt and 'release' it....


Now was as good a time as any to release version 2.12.  It's the lull after the last sale and before activity starts to heat up in the next few months.  The build has also been done for a month and just sitting in prerelease on steam waiting for somebody to complain.  So it is live now for steam and the non-steam versions.