Fizzrate, love your maps!!

Started by CyberDyneSystems, November 22, 2015, 07:03:01 PM

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I think the first one I played was "Vines"
I've slowly been tackling each one since.

I don't do more than one at a time, they are daunting undertakings that require a commitment to complete.
I never experiment or restart for faster times, just commit and go for it.

Great maps,. tricky terrain, sometimes massive amounts of creep, sometimes just the right amount to make things interesting. Your use of walkers is excellent! I love that they are large, epic almost. The tiny little jammed in the corner maps where the hole strategy is to figure out how to eek out enough power to move wears thin. With your maps one often starts that way, but there is always a chance to push through and build the resources needed. Most of the time you provide just enough "syphon" resources to help you get a foot hold in a difficult position, and thus take advantage of the high ground etc..

Really well thought out!

Thanks for making such great maps. :)

Jake AKA CyberDyneSystems


Oh awesome!  ;D Thank you for the complement and sorry for the late reply.  I love making challenging maps for myself and was surprised when I saw them being played and rated well.  I haven't made one in a while but I'll get back to that soon.