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Started by hbarudi, October 21, 2015, 05:27:40 AM

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My laptop's intel wifi bluetooth device is not very good regarding its drivers. Trying to find a substitute that works for:
  Sony Vaio Inter 2 core 2.6 ghz/core nvidia gtx 640m 13" screen size, and is bought in year 2013. This problem is preventing the upgrade to windows 10 and it is to the point where I had to disable automatic updates for that purpose. The wifi is actually working since I am able to connect to this site, but the bluetooth is where a lot of issues are happening and if the internal bluetooth device by intel is replaced with something compatible with this machine, it might help solve that problem does anyone have any idea about the best card to buy for the replacement? The device is in the picture next to my 8gb ram.


It is often the case that hardware components in laptops are locked via firmware and you cannot just slot in an unapproved component. I do not know if that is the case here. Unfortunately, the image is a bit blurry and I couldn't quite make out the device model type.

I'd suggest a few things you can try.

1. Check the Sony support website for advice. I seem to recall there was an issue with Sony Vaios not being able to upgrade and Sony promised a fix "eventually".

2. Check the Google for others with your device (Sony Vaio) and model and see if they share the problem and a solution.

3. Ask on a site that has a higher likelihood of someone knowledgeable in this specific area. I suggest Tom's Hardware forums.