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When we played it in beta testing, it was devilishly hard. Then most of us beat it, even so, Virgil relaxed the restrictions. I recall howling in anguish because he nerfed one of the most fun maps in the game. :)

Does this hard version still exist anywhere?  :'(

Nope, it's dead and buried under a pile of expired electrons, up in that big bit bucket in the sky. :)


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I bet that once you get over the annoyance, you'll want to go back, retry it and then come back play it and beat it. 

I nearly made a really snarky remark over this line, but it would frankly be uncalled for, and I'm not trying to pick a fight.  You've provided a way past this ridiculous map.  Thank you.

On a semi-related note: I have always hated the "mandatory atypical level".  Be it the grand prix in the RPG, the stealth section in the FPS, or indeed the incredibly strict time limit in the RTS.  I don't shift gears well, and in Creeper World be it the flash game back on Armor Games back in college, the desktop games or the flash games on Kongregate I have always played slow.  I don't play this game for a high-speed adrenaline challenge and that's all this map is.  This map with its required high-speed play is not fun, game killingly difficult, and personally I don't it's fair either.  So I don't think I'll be coming back to later to prove my awesomeness.

Probably a bit late to the party, but my single biggest piece of advice for any map that you're struggling with is:


Just pause the game to buy you some time.

Issue orders, unpause.


Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.


Since we are on the topic of Farbor, the top 38 scores are 100% fake. ea3401 Is one of the best "known" CW3 player and while I guess beating his score is possible but beating it by more than a minute is unrealistic short. And I will not believe anyone beating Farbor in 3 min. The +6 min scores are sensible so guess should be left.


I thought Alter Old was a legit expert player too? He's got 3:31. That does seem fast to me, but then my best time is 20 minutes. I suppose it's possible the score hackers are starting to use "real fake names".
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I'd say the 5+ minute scores are real for sure. I can confirm it is possible to get better than six minutes here.


I can confirm that 4:44 is possible, and I believe that "Alter Old" really managed it in 3:31 without cheating.


Oh didint notice his score there. Sorry. But there are quite some fakes there for sure. 40 sec? :P


Don't give up folks, I did it! 

I am NOT a good player at all.  I turtle endlessly.  I failed at Fabor several times when it came out, and never went back.  Today, I decided to go for it again.  I looked at this thread, took some of the suggestions, and went for it.  It wasn't perfect, it wasn't pretty, but I did it.  You can too.


Surprised so many people have trouble with it and I'm certainly not great by any means. Maybe some people get thrown by the change of pace.

This was my tactic and I reached it at 81%, can't imagine how someone could do it in 5min or less as some state


Well, after years of failure, I finally for the first time managed to defeat Farbor.

My strategy was called "Cheat Engine".


Well, I guess we'll just have to admit that, losers are losers, and cowards are cowards, right? I mean, it's absolutely amazing to see people being soooooo afraid of the game-over outcome (in their imaginations!) that they couldn't bear to see the real outcome of their endeavors but chose to turn off the screen and run away and not knowing that it's actually not game-over. Such cowardice. And I am reading on the Steam forum right now that one player claimed after reading all the discussions about Fabor (which the player hasn't even played yet!) he decided the game has become too stressful, announced the game being "dead" for him and will boycott all future Creeper World titles. Classic.


Please refrain from insulting those who have less practice, patience, or perfectionism. Farbor is a significant difficulty spike, and I am yet to encounter someone who enjoys losing to something significantly beyond their skill level.
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