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Started by Takiza, April 04, 2014, 06:37:55 AM

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Hi, if you do not know me yet(and I'd be surprised if you did), I'm Takiza(kong username) and I'm new to CW, but already love the map editor.

So now, I will use it to make tributary maps to my most favorite game series ever that I've been playing since 2009. GemCraft, may you continue populate the internet with epic games of the same name!


Based on: GemCraft Chapter 1: The Forgotten; Last Map(#50).

Waves: 8.

Ranking: Pathetic.

Boss: The Forgotten.

Powers: Teleportation. Unable to be capped(room for 1 blaster, 100 intensity, 0.1 interval).

Storyline: You have rifted to a secret-like world. It sings of beauty and nature. A world not yet destroyed by the Creeper is a rare thing...but there is indeed a threat here. What form of the Creeper will you face here? The Creeper Incarnate, that's what. The Forgotten.

Map pic-

PS: Don't hate because I used a lot of Crazonium. There's almost no fighting going to happen with blasters inside the walls, I promise. Only mortar spamming, :D. When I played through it, I was able to see multiple times an awesome sight of cyan mist obscuring the entire path thanks to high-intensity emitters and mortar spamming. It was really cool, and I hope you'll appreciate it.

Thanks, Takiza(otherwise known on Kong as the Holy Falcon as well).

PS: I haven't continued with it yet as I am currently plowing my way through to the last stage of Chasing Shadows, and hope to make a map of that, too. :)

Maps in planning:

GC0 last level, forgotten seeps out of the gem of eternity
GCL Pylon 4(D4), boss = tons of sporelike shadows, minions of the forgotten
GCL Pylon 5(G7) Charge up pylons(tons and tons of totems stacked on each other), while the shadows bombard you and the monsters creep forward.
GC2 Vision Field 1, charge up ensnaring sockets, the Forgotten will be sucked back into the waiting to be activated gem of eternity via a 0 intensity emitter(?)(testing needed xD), and you'll win :D

GC2 Vision Field 2, charge up the summoning sockets and just as you escape, you can see a black wall of death coming from the summoning gem, which is how the Forgotten came to this world.

GC2 Spiritforge level, idk what happens there, Update when I find out.

I hope you like the ideas.


Try this with creeper world 2 or even 3.