When to report maps

Started by knucracker, April 13, 2014, 03:03:10 PM

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Maps can be reported from within the game.  When should you do this?

- If the map contains clearly explicit images or concepts, report it.  Clear and blatant violations will not only result in the map being removed, but the author will no longer be allowed to post maps.

- If the map is a 'do nothing' map, report it.  If the map comes up and auto wins, then it isn't something we want to keep around.  We're looking for actual missions in CS.

- If the map contains words that wouldn't be allowed on broadcast television (in the US), then report it.  This is not to be taken overboard, and I'm more interested in the intent than some exact rule on what combination of letters are allowed and not.

- If the map is a copy of some other map with no changes.  I'm aware that changing one terrain cell constitutes a change... but the goal here is to allow maps that look almost the same, but play differently.  But we don't want people copying other maps and posting them over and over.

When NOT to report maps
- If you don't like the map, think it is too hard/easy.
- If you don't like the author, title, etc.
- If you think the map should have been bigger or smaller.
- If you think the map started as a DMD map or looks too much like a DMD map.  If DMD maps get to be a problem in CS (with no alterations), then we'll deal with them case by case or author by author.

In general we want to err on the side of artistic license.  Give the benefit of the doubt to the map maker.  Assume the map is acceptable until proven otherwise.  A curse word in the middle of the 9th frame of dialog isn't the end of the world.  A map that could have been smaller is still fine.  A map that started as DMD but the author made interesting changes... all good.


Note that it is important to include a reason why the map is reported. Reports without a reason are discounted.