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Started by Takiza, March 31, 2014, 10:48:29 AM

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Hi all, I'm a recent convert to the Creeper World fandom(awesome games BTW virgil  ;D). My username is the same as my Kongregate one because that is where I discovered this awesome game ^_^

So....I was really excited when I found the map editor. I have about 10 different ideas already in my head. Here's my first and kinda a prototype.

Looks easy? Yeah...nice city and farm you have. Be a huge shame if some spores dropped on it :P

If you want to beat it, you'll need to master SAM placement(O.o) as the spores will be much more deadly then the creeper itself(though the emitters are not for newbies either!). I hope I didn't make it too easy/hard. I got 10 minutes on it on an easier form of it(all tech available, +10 reactors), so I made it harder. I'll play through it later and tweak it more if need be. But does the map layout itself look interesting? :)

*And don't think it'll be a 10 second win....about 30 spores arrive in 5 seconds :D. Emitters are hidden(to make it look cooler, as if the spores created emitters).

**The reason for so much built up stuff is because this is supposed to be the first time this planet is attacked, so obviously they have some infrastructure in their little city hehe. Worst comes to worst, if it's still too easy I'll remove even more reactors and just spam storages for the looks but not much actual help.

Story: This is set right at the start of the Humanity-Creeper war. It happens just as Odin is about to be rifted to planet Hope. Unfortunately, the Creeper has other ideas...can you help OC survive the initial wave of horror?


Did you actually create this and upload it? I don't see it anywhere.  The CW1 players will be very happy to have a new mapmaker. That area is kind of slow lately. :)


No, not yet, as I said, I altered it to be more challenging after me as sort-of a newbie(though I did get some 1 minute times on Evermore and a 25 minute survival also and I'm breezing through the story worlds...) beat it in 10 minutes. Increased spores(map is mostly centered around "Creeper Rain"), +1 emitter, drone and SAM(Yes I'm evil :P there are 6 prebuilt though, so it's not ridiculously hard) tech needed, emitters intensity from 3 to 5(0.3 interval, wait 10 seconds so after spores), reduced reactors built.

Should the map rating be Medium, Hard, or Expert Only?

I'd wager the map I beat to be Medium. Still need to (try) to play through the version 2 :P

Btw, the name is Battle for Odin City, as it's a battle about getting Odin to escape to Hope to plan their next moves to escape the Creeper.

Edit- Beat it with score of 7500ish. The spores were nasty. But it wasn't too challenging, just get tech asap, make a few mortars, make A LOT of backup SAMs(I must have made 50 in that battle!), slowly push, spam drones, spam blasters, connect, win. Should I be evil and add a second totem on the bottom? That would probably push it from Hard to expert only.

Oh, and I video-ed it. Made a large mistake in the beginning, should've picked the move speed 30% one, it would help loads, I moved my SAMs and stuff around a ton, so it would've been a big help(because except for the two 70 second spore waves(to be nice and let you get the techs), like 12 or 15 spores with an intensity of 10(so if one touches the ground basically everything you've been able to build in 45 seconds is destroyed) come every 45 seconds, making you have to juggle SAMs and expand slowly very often.

Edit2- Map submitted. Karsten I'd love to hear your feedback when it's uploaded :). I saw you on the Gemcraft Chapter 0 threads on armor games, nice to see you here too!(found out about CW from GIAB's blog)


#3 -_-

@Virgil can you please somehow disable SAM tech on my map? I totally forgot to do it :(. And now I can't name the file Battle for Odin City anymore -_-

Well whatever. Replayed w/o SAM tech and won in 14 minutes. BUT, it was very back and forth. The spores are deadly :P no beginner to CW will be able to beat it, I think. I'm improving a lot o_o. And one more thing: Drones are SO OP. Nerf because they make every map trivial like this one lmao. 8 drones made me able to cap an emitter which fills to the ceiling in the totem's area in like 5 seconds.

Hehe. just joking. Drones rock. Their graphic is my fav too.

Named it Expert, but I think hard would be better. Of course...the thing is you need to get the techs asap, before spores start coming every 45. Or you're toast, one stray spore(even with like 10 SAMs because they were all in a line, with no fall-back) destroyed 50% of my network. So yeah it ain't easy :D

Edit- This map was supposed to demonstrate how deadly spores were(i bet that's what the first wave was, and the spores dropped emitters, which is what they look like they do in my map hehehe), did I do it enough?

Spore stats:

Wave 1: Time - 5, Spores - 30, Intensity - 100.
Wave 2-3: Time - 70, Spores - 15, Intensity - 10.
Wave 4+ Time 45, Spores 15, Intensity 10.


Hint: Going over the top is the best, but in the start you might wanna put some fake(but still need to be built) relays and collectors in the bottom, to distract some spores from your front when you're moving SAMs to defend your supply lines. It helps. And you really don't want even one spore to make it through, these are 50x more deadly then average spores(Avg is 0.2 Intensity right?), and again, one can take out 50% of your initial line.


Damn a score-hacker already played it :(....someone called "Dad" lol. I'm POSITIVE you can't insta-connect a collector to the totem, the spores will pwn you.

Edit- Yep. Tried moving odin with 30% speed, 10% build cost, 20% faster, to connect, and I didn't even finish the collector before I got ROFLPWNED. Definitely hack.


Well, darn it. I found the loophole. Ugh. Now it isn't one bit challenging :(. But I can't change the darn layout, or the story won't make sense(they were almost ready when the creeper jumped in).

Sigh....Version 3, anyone? Now I'm really mad at speed-players. It's no FUN to do that! -_- at least for me. Maybe on other maps, but not this one.

Sorry. Came from Kong forums lol.


Version 3 uploaded, made getting techs harder(almost doomed to fail if you don't get them before the 45 seconds starts), 2 totems, have to juggle SAMs on two fronts, and it's every very easy to over-reach and get least, the relays C:

Protect thy SAMs, lest they be destroyed by what they are supposed to kill hehehe.

Time: 21 minutes.


Second map, a start of a series I will do, chronicling the horror of a biovirus :D

It's rather easy...but this is a SMALL outbreak in a SMALL country....and since you flee, it will ready for part 2 c:

Oh, and I <3 the red mist I made hehe.


Part 2 submitted.

The virus has spread throughout several countries and has finally reached a port city and the coast. If you fail to stop it in its tracks, it will turn into a global pandemic! This port city has connections with four other continents. Don't let it fall.

Image teaser withheld until more people display interest :P