Help with achievement "Apaxian"

Started by thejoe66, March 20, 2014, 12:55:52 AM

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This one is just killing me i can't figure out how to beat Meso without weapons.

P.S. On the achievement "Area denial" Is it OK if a glider explodes because it got close to a unit
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did you try powering up the bottom left pyramid?, that made the achievement much easier for me.


In area denial, if you lose any drone you won't get the achievement.  When they detonate to kill one of your units, that counts as their own destruction.


Get the top left one first, and then try for top right as soon as you can. If you run imto power isue, diconnect top rivht till it better, as it flows ac regularly, to hold back a little, even when off. Once supply is good, build 3 or 4 guppy to take bottom left. I alzo find shields when trying to nullfy an emiter to help too.



I usually start in the top, to the right of the large pyramid and above the small, central one. I land all CNs and build an energy grid. As soon as I have >6 energy production, I hook up the center pyramid. That releases huge AC flows and secures the area my base is in. I then concentrate on more energy, the Forge, 3 Guppies to power the bottom pyramid and energy to power the large pyramid.

You may lose a guppy on the bottom pyramid - no problem when it rebuilds, just send it out again.

Now you should be able to get a nullifier close to the central emitter.

After that, a shield and emitter pair for each emitter takes care of everything.


Beat it didn't think of using guppy's
"Humanity is probably the only animal capable of hating itself."-The end of Evangelion


It is funny how I thought of sheilds and guppy as weapons, first time too.