Custom Map #198: Galaxy. By: MadMag

Started by AutoPost, February 05, 2014, 05:35:24 PM

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This topic is for discussion of map #198: Galaxy

Author: MadMag
Size: 160x120

A new beautiful Galaxy far far away needs your help against the Creeper! #MadMag #CRPL #CustomEnemy #CustomSound #Sounds #Spores #NoDigitalis #islands


OK... Having only 2 spots to land the CP and having both be overrun by creeper within 10 seconds is kind of...  >:( yeah...

Sorry but this map get's a 1 from be until it has a less stupid start.
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Yuup, you have to rush in the start but if you manage survive the first 1 min it becomes quite an easy map.

This is how I started:

The build order is collector->PC and collector->PC->collector->nullifier


It is pretty easy!

What is so hard and horrible by this?
(Spoiler shows image of a good start)


Good gods! At least in the asteroids with no name we had ore to start... But it was less sloggy and the background effects were amazing so I give you a huge thumbs up.

My only gripe is the final enemy. It emits waaay too much creeper, to the point that the only viable strategy is "MOAR YOONITS!" and it slightly annoys me that I can't use the land I just won from destroying the sides.
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Quote from: planetfall on February 05, 2014, 09:38:29 PM
My only gripe is the final enemy. It emits waaay too much creeper, to the point that the only viable strategy is "MOAR YOONITS!" and it slightly annoys me that I can't use the land I just won from destroying the sides.
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I was surprised that big behemoth did not act like an inhibitor. I still had 4 emitters to clear after taking it down.

It's not a quick one, but it is a gorgeous map.
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What really sucks is that I got a good start (cleared the first island and was ready to start expanding) and I COULD NOT SAVE! I had to close the game to get out and was left with no save file.  ???
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Problem found and should be fixed in the next build.

Ebon Heart

Got a pretty decent start, but couldn't cut through the ridiculous amounts of creeper near the big thing fast enough to kill all the nodes before the center starts spitting out even more.  I was really hoping I would be able to take it out before 10, but no such luck.  I posted the start I used, anyone wanna offer some improvements? I feel like you need to start work on a bertha early if you want any hope of cutting through the creeper near the bottom. That or I'm just under estimating the power of strafers. (really not a fan of them)

Image 1:

Build the first collector (right by the CN) immediately, then build a blaster as it finishes. Then the collector to the left, and expand to the bottom and get relays up. The one blaster can keep you safe for a bit while you get a network up on the main island below.

Image 2:

build a second blaster to make sure your relay doesn't get destroyed (If that blows up you're basically screwed) And try to nullify the gift first, so you can move a blaster on that power zone.  Get a blaster up early and be prepared to move it there. Then immediately go for the emitter to the right, it starts up at 3:30, destroy it before then.

Image 3:

Finish nullifying the emitter, then the air exclusion zone and spore tower with another, put a reactor onto one of these powerzones.  You'll want to take advantage of power zone reactors where possible here, later in the game I had a reactor on nearly every power zone. Start advancing towards the big ugly thing down below. You may want to start building a bertha at this point so you have it for the boss.  Nullify the air exclusion zone and make preparations to advance.

Image 4:

Move a Mortar onto the powerzone near the bottom, and start getting shields and blasters ready so you can advance on the big thingy and kill it quickly. Destroy the emitter near your base and the orbitting thing there as you make way to advance, the anti creeper rain helps.  Build a reactor on the powerzone up there, then just advance quickly and expand as far as you can for energy.  If you take out the boss by 10 minutes the rest of the map is relatively easy.
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The start was a bit hard, afterwards easy.
The animated background is a nice touch, and it's a really pretty picture.
The movements proved to be a bit too distracting. It took me a while to ignore the movements.