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Started by Micheal420, January 19, 2014, 09:59:55 PM

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Couldn't wait.  Just finished installing the new Control Center and drivers.  Here is a screen shot of CW3-164a.  Must say a world of difference from before.  Thank you all for your interest and support for my problem.  Kudos to the community and the leaders.


So in the end this is just a cautionary tale to keep your drivers up to date?
huh. An unexpected ending, but satisfying.
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Based on the screenshots I saw with the problem, it looked like an issue with mipmaps.  There was either a bug in the older driver or the "performance" setting was interpreted a little aggressively in the older driver (or Yle also increased the mipmap setting at the same time he updated the driver, or the new driver installation changed it).

Fuzzy text is one thing, but if the units are also fuzzy it's going to be a GPU setting or driver issue.


For the Intel integrated graphics drivers on Windows (game version 212) the solution is:

  • Open the graphics control panel.
  • Choose "3D".
  • Slide the performance vs. quality slider all the way to the "quality" side.
  • Restart the game if it's running.

This fixed it for me.

It's weird, though. I have plenty of other Unity and non-Unity games on here. CW3 uniquely has this issue. Graphics driver tweaks seem more like a workaround for something the game itself isn't doing correctly.

I am using the latest version of the Intel drivers, well, latest as of about 2 weeks ago.