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Started by knucracker, January 08, 2014, 08:58:06 PM

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I just wanted to say thanks for making a native Linux version. I bought this in the summer sales having never played any of the CW series before, and it's an awesome game. I'm hooked!

The Steam version works flawlessly on Arch x86_64. :)



I also wanted to say thanks. I've clocked over 150hours in CW3 on Arch Linux x86_64 and it's worked great.

I do have one small bug though: the old alt-key hijacking.

If I alt-tab to change the focus to another window and then alt-tab back to CW3, the game completely stops responding to the keyboard. The mouse input is fine, the game continues to run normally, but none of the key presses are registered. However, all I have to do is hit alt again and things go straight back to normal.

Quote from: stdout on February 14, 2014, 03:20:42 PM
The only issue I've run into so far is this: if you press (and release) the Alt key, then none of the keys work any more. Then if you press (and release) Alt again, then the key bindings all work once again.

I use Alt-1 through Alt-9 to switch to different workspaces on my desktop, so when I switch away from the game and switch back, I have to press Alt to get the keys to work again.

This is the exact same problem with me. I don't have this problem in any another Linux applications, but I get the exact same issue when running Photoshop under Wine. I think CW3 was originally made Windows only, so I think there's something about how Windows applications are written which causes them to hijacking the alt key after being ported to *nix.


What is happening is the "key up" event isn't being registered by the game.  So it thinks ALT is being held down the entire time and that every key press thereafter is "ALT-something".  Pressing and releasing ALT again after the game has focus clears this up.

It's ultimately a problem in Unity that the key up event for ALT is fired on some platforms and not others.  But I can also understand why it might be a problem based on how some OS's switch away from applications.


I am having trouble installing CW3 on ubuntu 14.04. I have extracted the download file but don't know what to do next. Forgive me, I am a new linux user and do not completely know how to use it yet.



You have the download extracted?  Next step is easy.  Run the game by double-clicking the executable (.x86 or .x86_64, whichever suits your system).
You can also create a launcher on your desktop, if you wish.  Some distros let you do that by right-clicking and selecting "Create Launcher".


I recently switched from the AMD Catalyst drivers to the open source drivers and there's been no performance loss whatsoever. I'd like to add that TF2 stills runs just as well, that surprised me. If you've been on the AMD drivers for a while, you might want to give the open source ones another go.


Works fine on a x86_64 arch linux system. Nothing to say really :D
main=(liftM2(>>)putStr print)"main=(liftM2(>>)putStr print)"

Write the following string, and then write it again in quotes: "Write the following string, and then write it again in quotes:"


Info to all linux users having problems with running CW3 via Steam - you can now (enable Steam Beta first) force CW3 to run via proton, which is Windows version CW3 ran through an emulator similar to Wine. It works on my Ubuntu 18.04 perfectly.

You have to go to game's properties and in General tab at the bottom tick 'Force the use of specific Steam Play compatibility tool' and select Proton (latest version).