CW2 Dying? Suggestions To Keep It Alive.

Started by Bongo, March 19, 2014, 03:12:07 PM

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So now that CW3 is out maybe we can get back to CW2?

I LOVE CW2 but HATE CW1, so I guess that CW3 (which looks like CW1), would be better but would still not thrill me. If CW4 is like CW2 THAT would thrill me. ;)

Anyway I really like this game. I have played THOUSANDS of maps, but lately it seems the number of new maps has been slowing down. I think you can get more CW2 players (and money, and potential mapmakers, and CW3 / future CW4 customers) if you release another 'free demo' on Armor Games, Kongregate, and others. It was the free demo that convinced me to buy this game, it was also the free demo of CW1 that convinced me NOT to buy CW1 (even for +$5).

But for all of it's awesomeness the CW2 free demo was a little lacking. I've played enough games to have seen the massive potential for user created maps, but most people might not have seen the potential from that demo. If you make another demo with like 15 maps you could really showcase the incredible power and versatility of the CW2 platform.

You already have the first demo which is like a tutorial, so this second demo should really showcase what users can do when making their own maps. I was thinking like 15 to 20 maps, ranging from unlimited power two minute speed runs, to massive 40 minute slogfests, with difficulties from easy to near impossible. Also having different tile sets impresses most people (not me) and adds to the 'slickness' factor.

You have over 2600 maps to choose from. I don't know if you need permission, and some maps will probably need to be 'reworked' slightly (probably made slightly easier for newbies), but it just seems like a matter of choosing 20 good maps.

I would like to hear what others would choose for for the '20 map demo' these are my suggestions:

1. A unlimited power speed map.
2. A tricky puzzle map (Yum234 makes the best of these).
3. A long but NOT boring map, like a multiple different rooms map.
4. A map that showcases what fields can do.
5. A zero G space map.
6. A map that showcases what drones can do.
7. ONE map that is very hard (but fun) to show that the game is not always easy. Note that 'hard' for a newbie might not be like Liberty Pinball for the rest of us. Killing a Nexus might be 'about right' for newbies.

Lets keep CW2 alive long enough to make it to CW4!


Once CW3 development has finished there will come one or two CW2 flash games (like CW:US and CW:E) and an online version of CW3.

Note that virgil doesn't need permission of the mapmaker, he already has all the rights.


Pretty sure I'm supposed to be banned, someone might want to get on that.

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Yes ONE.

While there are three or four free demos for CW1 there is only ONE free demo for CW2, and like I said before, it's decent but doesn't showcase the true awesomeness off what CW2 can do.

That free demo is also mostly a tutorial which is slightly unnecessary. One of the powers of CW2 is it's inherent simplicity. It's like chess, "5 minutes to learn, a lifetime to master."