6000 custom maps!

Started by Kingo, June 03, 2013, 12:44:09 AM

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All of those ideas would make many people not like CW as much...
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They've talked a little about that sort of thing in the blizzard arcade. Since it's all a hobby to me, I'd just keep my stuff free. Not that any of my stuff would be worth paying for xP


Dudes - my suggestions are mainly tongue in cheek...

to sum up:

- I really love CW1 - particularly the custom/commmunity maps
- I think V underpriced CW1 (certainly in the add-on deal with CW2)
- If there was an effortless way for me to reward V and mapmakers for the replayability of CW1 on a pay-as-you-play basis, I'd certainly sign up
- Yes, I agree: (unless it's a stupid Zinga facebook game) any aggressive pay-per-play or pay-for-stoopid-premium-deal will scare off more players than genuinely compensate the makers/community for making cool things
- people who make cool things (eg V, cool mapmakers) should be encouraged _and_ rewarded.
- No, I am not going to make a voluntary $495 donation (I've volunteered to mod CW1 maps if that counts for anything...) - you set the terms, you live by them.
- CW3 is prolly really cool (I'll probably start playing in 2015)



It'll take a while before CW3 comes out at this rate...
No offense to V though, it's a really good game and I can understand how long it takes to make a really good game.