The poeple who want to show ideas

Started by Osito, October 14, 2013, 12:06:23 PM

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this is for the poeple who have ideas but are doubting if its to easy,hard, or boring for the poeple who play it, i put on some of my ideas too. ???


We have good upload and map submission methods for CW1 and CW2.  Please do not post maps for those games on the forum, we prefer all maps to be through the moderation process and also for all maps to be available to all players, even if they do not visit the forums. :)

Edit: I noticed custom maps for CW1 were a bit delayed and have approved all maps currently pending. I will be removing the attachments in your post here. :)  I will also move this thread to the custom maps section, where it will be happier among similar threads. :)
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