How to emulate digitalis in CW1

Started by Kingo, May 30, 2013, 07:35:28 PM

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After experimenting with emitters and terrain height, I think i've been able to emulate digitalis (if you read the blog updates you know what I mean).
I first tried to make a level 4 path with level 3 holes spaced evenly (about 1 space between them; the layout was vertical) and used emitters on level 4, thinking that when it fills up the creeper will spill over and begin filling the next one, thus emulating the "growth" aspect.
It sort of worked, but I wanted a better approach.

I put emitters in the holes, thinking that I could time the moment the pool fills and tricking the player into thinking the "digitalis" is growing.
It didn't work, and I was confused. The creeper stayed the same level no matter how much creeper spilled into the pool.

A short while later, while relaxing, an explanation of a game mechanic on the forums came to me out of nowhere, and I remembered that emitters set the height of creeper around them. The creeper only spills over because the emitter has either gone over the height (if, for example, the emitter's intensity is "1" and it is in a pool on level 3 when it is surrounded by level 4 land, it will just barely reach over the pool and spill, but not quite). or it is on the same height as the land.
I plan on working on a map including this feature in the following days.
Hope this helps other mapmakers.