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Started by darkniko, November 09, 2012, 02:29:22 PM

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Well i have been playing Creeper World 2 since #100 map :D for a very looong time :D. And Just now i realised it would be great a feature where i can select multiple buildings at the same time like with weapons. I was playing Superman map From Dante and there is Stored Creeper at the soil. Im a pasive player i like to build and enormous base and reach like 1000 energy :D then fill map with tech domes and reach 1000 technytes. but well its my way of playing :D ( not rushing to get high score ). Well why do i come with the suggestion of multiple selection of buildings cause i forgot of the stored creeper and build a HUGE base on the top part of the map where the stored creeper was. And it was kind of a pain in the ... to destroy each and single of the reactors to see where else was the creeper on the soil.

p.S.: Sory for my extremely poor english ( not native language ) :S. Just wanted to comment this idea.
BTW im not sure i posted in the right section of the forum :l

Suggestion : Multiple selection of buildings ( like for weapons )


If you want to destroy a bunch of units, you can hold 'x' and click the units you want to destroy.
If you want to see what's under the terrain, hold 'r'.
Hope that helps.


I doubt we're going to see any enhancements for CW2.

However a few things might make your life easier.

1. You are aware that pressing the "R" (Reveal) key hides terrain so that you can see if there is any entombed creeper in terrain?

2. Hold down the "X" key and click on a number of buildings to quickly destroy them. (Just as fast as to select multiple buildings).
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Sorry, J... Our posts collided. :)
A goodnight to all and to all a good night - Goodnight Moon


I did once find that I had two weapons selected, and I could move them together.
Either a glitch or an super-secret easter egg of a feature.


Multi-select is not a glitch, it's even stated in the game's help (adv gameplay, 7 and 8 ). 8)