Tainter: Enemy Structure.

Started by Xazo-Tak, April 26, 2013, 04:00:05 AM

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This is a building that slowly pumps out ink, a fast, strongly gravity obedient and constant density liquid.
As ink runs into creeper, it slowly turns the creeper black.
1 tile of creeper can absorb 2 tiles of ink, and creeper density is ignored by ink.

The effect of ink on creeper is that it makes the creeper an antibeacon.
Well inked creeper away from a beacon makes an area completely hidden, and close to a beacon makes an area behave as if there is no beacon.

The above example is simplified. An area in range of several beacons can be impervious to the effects of tainted creeper in all but the most extreme situations, while a beacon surrounded by 100 tiles of fully saturated tainted creeper is just pointless.

This could cause some funny round faliures. E.g somebody getting their base swamped in the stuff and being unable to place a simple blaster anywhere near their base, or somebody being unable to tell that a truly epic quantity of creeper is right under all their reactors, and so they mine there with a single blaster protecting, unstoppable flood, no energy, ragequit.


CW3 is coming out so there most likely will not be more changes to CW2.
Hiding the golden creeper for years to come.


It still is a neat idea, though.