Where did the random maps go?

Started by IkeaPimp, July 10, 2012, 03:14:03 PM

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Random maps are no longer showing up at the top of the map list!  That was one of the best ways to find cool maps from days gone by.

Could I suggest that perhaps a page ought to be built that will show a full 30 random maps?  That would be awesome.

Thanks - Ikea


I was profiling the site yesterday (because there were some performance issues) and the random maps query was coming up as taking an average of 2 seconds against the CW maps database per query.  In other words, it was killing the site.  There are probably other ways to do the random pull, so when I figure one out I may put them back.


I've got to admit that I found the random maps feature really useful and it was a window to the buried, classic CW1 maps that I may otherwise never have found.

I always thought it was a shame that there was never a random map generator on the CW2 site - there's a whole generation of new players who have never heard of 'Liberation Pinball'!

Perhaps institute a 'random map of the day' (or maps)  rather than new random maps each refresh - would this speed things up?
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Quote from: virgilw on July 10, 2012, 03:30:06 PM
... there were some performance issues ...

I thought that might be the case.  That's why I suggested the separate page with more maps.  It would only be hit when a person specifically goes to it rather than every time the maps page is viewed.

Even better (from your end), you could cache it to only refresh every five minutes or so.  That ought to solve the performance problem.

Just my thoughts on the matter.  Thanks for listening.


*Checks the custom maps*

Oh, so it is gone...

I never used this feature much, but If you have a separate page for more of it, I definitely would.