Custom Map #1251: A Tragedy Forgotten Part 2

Started by AutoPost, July 03, 2012, 11:01:04 PM

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Ebon Heart

I'm glad to hear that some people still enjoy CW2. This game has always been my favorite. And it's amazing to me that people still haven't forgotten about this little project I did years ago. I mean, I was only 14 when this map dropped. O.o
If you want, I could potentially polish up the half completed rubble that is parts 3 and 4 of this series and try to give you something to play around with. :P part 3 was almost done but I just never got around to finishing the text and testing. Also it just looked bad compared to the other 2 so I didn't feel good about posting it.
Part 4 got delayed indefinitely due to technical issues, but I recently thought of a way to simplify it a lot. I doubt it will ever get done though.
Part 5 I straight up lost due to hard drive failure. I had the other maps backed up to my google drive but not this one.
When the going gets tough, the tough get going. The smart left a long time ago.
Check out the amazing A Tragedy Forgotten CW2 map series!


really nice if you give me some kind of "beta unreleased" map.

thanks so much ^_^


Just played through both maps; am impressed, you do good work ^^
Shame it seems the story is stopped; would love to know what the rest of the story would have been, and/or see the WIP versions or 4 and 5 ^^

Regardless of whether you feel up to that, good job; got linked to your maps from a guide on advanced creeper field work, and your maps certainly demonstrate that :)